Carpool EZY

Ideated by a high schooler and his parent who experienced the hassles of carpooling for four years, this app has been developed by OpalMinds team in 2023. It was accepted into our portfolio as optimizing the carpooling helps reduce the number of cars driving kids to schools and activities, not to mention the convenience to the parents and students.

The solution is a mobile app available to build communities of parents and students and leverage a robust automated roster generation, in-app messaging.

Rent EZY

As an owner, renting out properties and the upkeep of the property through multiple tenants is no mean task.
Every renovation of a property is taking up precious resources from our Earth and building accountability to take care of homes is the primary drive of this new platform.
Ideated by a property owner who experienced tenants demonstrating no accountability, this solution is being developed by the OpalMinds team to improve accountability of tenants to encourage upkeep of property.

And more...

Opal Minds innovation team continues to engage with communities to identify solutions that are going to help conserve resources, reduce pollution and make life easier one app at a time !!


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We love nature and this is what motivates us to solve the problems that could be taking this beauty away from our future generations !

We develop technology solutions to consumer and business problems that will have a positive impact to sustainability. 

We solve problems building one app at a time. Our first app, Carpool EZY optimized carpooling. Teams are working on our roadmap of apps that address such real world pain points. We take up development of a solution if that has a promise to impact sustainability.

Businesses, Consumers and communities looking to solve issues that need purpose-built solutions can reach out to discuss a solution approach with our experts.

Our core values are :
  • Continuous Improvement, making a difference
  • Communities , together we solve
  • Accountability, we stand behind our commitments

We build purpose-built solutions to customers ensuring their specific needs are met.  Our developed solutions are designed to be extensible and tailored into a general purpose solution we offer through App stores as well.